Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome to The Leashline

Welcome to The Leashline.  I'll be talking  a lot about my dog, the beautiful Shasta and  other dog related things like our fav books, treats , toys and more.  I've  had a  a dog  since birth and have loved them since then too.  That first dog was a German Shepherd  and since her there have been 3  truly amazing GSDs along with some wonderful other pups/breeds.

 Shasta is a  beautiful,  elegant, vivacious, wicked smart girl,  with personality to spare.  She  was a rescue from a puppy mill, gotten out at a young age thankfully. She's taken full advantage of the lap  of luxury she's  landed in  as she well should. She has a chair on the porch, her own umbrella to lie under , a pool to swim in  and a lounge  cushion for after swim  among other things.

 The Leashline is a work in progress right now , so we'll be making changes and creating posts soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Tails Up.