Monday, October 28, 2013

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

OK, we're almost at the end of October, but in my book every month is adopt a shelter dog, October simply being the official one.

I've almost always had a breed , mainly German Shepherd obviously, but there were some others.  But from childhood I think all have been shelter or rescue with 2  exceptions. All were amazing dogs .

My point here is purebreds can be found at shelters, something I have to tell many people. They ask me about a dog , then say well we want breed A.   Countless times I've explained shelter and rescues and this started long, long before "rescue" became a popular term or pet to have. The shelter I volunteered at , small town it is, has had St. Bernards, Great Danes,  even a Borzoi once. The bigger the area , the more you'll find. But remember every dog is beautiful and needs a ( good) home.

Loving all dogs as I do, I can't say enough for a mixed breed as well. Less genetic disorders  depending on what breed you're going for and the cuteness level never drops.

A dog is a wonderful thing, period. So support your local shelters and if you or someone you know is looking for a dog, check them . And ask them if  you need more help.

My Max seen here was a shelter pet, and no one ever believed me. Shasta is a rescue and people assume I paid hundreds of dollars.  What's true is that both are priceless.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grandmom's Defense of Stray Dogs

The saying "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far  From The Tree" is quite applicable to me. I have a lot of both my wonderful grandmothers in me and from one trickled down  not just the love, but the activism for dogs.

Beginning in the '50s   I believe, grandmom was a member of animal rights group like the Anti Vivisection Society. She dearly loved dogs all her life and in 1967 wrote this letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Paper. I had never seen it until recently when my aunt mailed it to me. I'm so proud of her  , and reminded so many years after her passing, what a great lady she was.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Time for Westminster

It's almost time for The Westminster Kennel Club Show. I have not yet been to it despite wanting to go since I was 8. Last year I was in  NY for fashion week and went to the Garden area while it was on, and I almost ditched my schedule to see if tix were still at the door. Kind of wishing I did. Not that fashion week isn't amazing, it is. But to do dogs and fashion , would be even more so don't you think?

While I lament that I most likely will not get there this year, I  checked out the website and list of vendors. Naturally one of things that attracts me to the event is the chance to shop for dog themed stuff. Back when there was a show in Philadelphia I did some damage.

I realized that it's probably good I am not going, as I would spend way too much. Pretty sure anyone who reads a dog blog can get on board with that. Glad that all those years ago I got my gold GSD charm back before the economy went haywire and gold prices so jacked. I've always wanted a matching ring but prices are about 7 times more now.

One vendor listed is Omar's Originals jewelry. Just look at that Great Dane ring. Ok it's Over The Top, but I like it.  There are other smaller pieces and it's all nice.

If any of you have ever been to Westminster, let me know how the experience was. 

Monday, January 28, 2013


Did everyone and their pups have a great holiday ? Shasta loves Christmas and will lay near/under the tree, help unwrap her  presents and knows where her stocking is.

Above she plays with her triple light bulb toy from Target. So cute the checkout guy wanted one . He wasn't sure what it was, but he loved it. It's durable too.

She got several new toys this year along with bags of treats. Then of course there was the ham  at dinner. No she doesn't get a ham but part of ours and you can bet she loves that. It's a full day that wears her out . Christmas night naptime, anyone ?

Wishing everyone a Barktastic 2013.