Monday, October 28, 2013

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

OK, we're almost at the end of October, but in my book every month is adopt a shelter dog, October simply being the official one.

I've almost always had a breed , mainly German Shepherd obviously, but there were some others.  But from childhood I think all have been shelter or rescue with 2  exceptions. All were amazing dogs .

My point here is purebreds can be found at shelters, something I have to tell many people. They ask me about a dog , then say well we want breed A.   Countless times I've explained shelter and rescues and this started long, long before "rescue" became a popular term or pet to have. The shelter I volunteered at , small town it is, has had St. Bernards, Great Danes,  even a Borzoi once. The bigger the area , the more you'll find. But remember every dog is beautiful and needs a ( good) home.

Loving all dogs as I do, I can't say enough for a mixed breed as well. Less genetic disorders  depending on what breed you're going for and the cuteness level never drops.

A dog is a wonderful thing, period. So support your local shelters and if you or someone you know is looking for a dog, check them . And ask them if  you need more help.

My Max seen here was a shelter pet, and no one ever believed me. Shasta is a rescue and people assume I paid hundreds of dollars.  What's true is that both are priceless.

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