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Born a dog lover,  I read the AKC Handbook cover to cover in the 7th grade, followed by a  layman's Veterinary Handbook.  I've been privileged to be the maid servant to  some amazing  dogs. My breed, my totem,  is The German Shepherd  but I  love all dogs, big and small , and there are no ugly dogs in my book. I've volunteered at my local shelter and  have rescued dogs off the street.

I started this blog as a place to, what else, talk about my dog . I also hope to share  things , that things that work for us, that we love.

Shasta is my beautiful GSD,  a kick butt, super intelligent, incredibly indulged girl.  She's big and bold but also elegant  and I wouldn't have her any other way.

Shasta has Exogenic Pancreatic Insufficiency and after much trial and error, or persistance, as my vet calls it,   we've managed to find a routine that has her thriving. She is  a good weight, not thin, and even gets table scraps. If your dog has this condition , I'd be happy to answer any questions and try to help. I will be doing a blog post on it as well.

We call NJ home and I also write The Beauty Alchemist , a beauty and fashion site  and my email corresponds to that for now.  You can reach me at

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